Teaching on the times and the seasonsso people can find faith, love and thehope of salvation.


John Olsen

Supporting others discovering, defining and fulfiling their purpose in life is my passion! Leadership to me is serving on another. The success of others is my blessing and share within His Kingdom. Our prayer: Lord Here we are, send us! Our motto: Live to Inspire!

Shakila Olsen

I love the positive things in life. My passion is to hold on to the good and let go of negativity, and to inspire others with it. Life is what I do, for myself, for my family but especially for what the Lord requires of me!


We love God, we Love People and we Love Life!

We are surrendered followers of Jesus, head over heels in love with God! We do all that we do to express Love to God and Love to others.

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We believe in the superior reality of heaven. We trust that whatever God says, He will accomplish. We follow His voice regardless the circumstances before us.

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We minister out of intimacy with God. His heart is our highest priority, His love our motivation, His pleasure our reward. We serve as an act of worship to Him.

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Passion for the Lost

We want to see individuals, cities, and nations won for the Kingdom of God, transformed by a personal encounter of Jesus’ love, redeemed by His finished work at the Cross and restored and healed by His grace.

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The Word of God

We believe in the importance of reading and meditating on the Scripture to encounter God, learn His ways, find guidance, and receive personal transformation.

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We believe in a vital two-way communication with God, the power of declaration, and supplication birthed out of our hearts joined to His heart. We speak in tongues and follow the examples of prayer found in the Bible.

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We are a family governed ministry. The Kingdom of God is a family business and so are we. Our ministry, life, and decisions represent the heart of the Father.

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We are a catalytic ministry. We believe in new creative ways in God to reach out to people. We step out in boldness to pioneer new ways of ministering to others.

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We are an equipping and releasing ministry. We believe in the power of impartation, equipping believers through teaching and displaying the Kingdom, and the commissioning given by Jesus to take the Gospel to the ends of the world.

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It is important to understand that a church is not a building, although many people frequently use that term to describe the facility built for the use of the church. History shows the New Testament church met primarily in private homes — Christian cathedrals or tabernacles designed specifically for believers to gather for worship did not exist until almost three centuries after the church got started. Unlike the Old Testament temple, in which the presence of God habitated, the new covenant of Jesus Christ made every believer a temple of the Holy Spirit. “Do you not know that you are the temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you?” (1 Cor. 3:16).

The church is often viewed as an organization, but is actually more of an “organism.” It is the united fellowship of all Christians with their God — the wondrous union of Christ’s Spirit indwelling the hearts of all true believers.

People often think that the most distinctive or important part of Church is the structure or model. It is not. The most important part of our church are the values—the DNA—that will be the foundation of godly leaders who shepherd godly churches.

What is church?

In the New Testament, the term “church,” also sometimes translated as “assembly,” comes from the Greek word EKKLESIA which means the “called out.” The word was used by the Greeks to describe the assembling or gathering of citizens who were called out to meet together for public hearings. The heralds would walk through the streets and literally call for people to come out from what they were doing to gather for public business. In the scriptures EKKLESIA refers to those whom Christ has “called out” from the world to be His own, and to assemble together in His name.

The primary meaning of the church is used in a universal sense, referring to all Christian believers everywhere. Irrespective of denominational or doctrinal differences, all persons who have genuinely placed their faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord are members of His church, also called the body of Christ, over which Christ is the head (Eph. 1:22-23).

Secondarily, the church also refers to a local congregation of believers. While the scriptures tell us that there is only one true church, yet it is made up of many individual churches. Most of the Apostle Paul’s epistles were written to the local churches such as at Rome, Corinth, Thessalonica, Ephesus, Philippi, Galatia, and Colosse, and he makes mention of many other churches which had been established in various cities at that time.

We want to be people who are devoted to worshiping Jesus. We want to carve out time daily to be alone for prayer and Bible reading. We make time to join with others to pray and study His Word. We regularly celebrate the Lord’s Supper and can’t stop thanking Him for His mercy. These are not obligations we try to squeeze in, but cravings we can’t live without. We don’t require gifted communicators or musicians; we just love to worship Jesus even in the most basic settings. It is the Object of worship that makes worship exciting to us.

The body of believers is supposed to be closer to us than our own families (Matt. 12:46, Luke 14:26). Jesus said that “all people will know you are my disciples, if you have love for one another” (John 13:35). He also prayed that his disciples would be so “perfectly one” that the world may believe that the Father sent Jesus (John 17:20-23).

We want to be people who love each other deeply and show this by our sacrifice. We seek a bond that surpasses that of our natural families and is only possible because of our common fellowship with Jesus. We share our possessions and our lives with each other. We seek to obey all of the “one another” commands in Scripture. Christ wants us to be known for our love, and He claimed that our unity would cause others to believe in Him. Our goal is not merely to get along but to love each other to the extent that Christ loved us, and to be united to the extent that the Father is one with the Son.

We want our people to become fully trained for greater works of service. We believe that all believers are called be disciple-makers. No one should come as a consumer, but all should come as servants. The Holy Spirit has given each of us a gift that is to be used for building up the body. We want our leaders to teach us how to lead and help us develop in character through their modeling and teaching. Our goal is that each one of us becomes like Christ, and develops the ability to lead others to Him, make disciples, and plant churches.

We want to be people with supernatural character, focused on sharing the gospel with neighbors and coworkers. We want to be people who are not focused on survival or higher standards of living, but devoted to the mission. For some, this will mean going to foreign countries to share Christ where He has not been heard. For others, this means supporting those who have gone. For everyone, it means sharing the gospel regularly.
We want to be people who are eagerly waiting for the return of Christ. We are willing and wanting to suffer because we believe in heavenly rewards. When you read the Scriptures it is undeniably clear that Christians are supposed to expect, lean into and embrace suffering with joy. And this calling to willingly walk into suffering for the sake of the gospel is a call for all believers and not just for leaders or those serving in missions in persecuted areas of the world (Matthew 16:24; Matthew 10:21; 2 Timothy 1:8, 3:12; Philippians 1:29) Far from seeking comfort, we thrive on any hardship we get to endure for His Name. Our focus is not on what we can see, but on the unseen world. We refuse to become citizens on this earth. We live as aliens and strangers on the earth, waiting for a better city.


Joi the mission changing lives.