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Leadership is a choice

A leader is someone who creates his own life. Because to be a good leader, you have to have a good vision and that usually stays with you for life. When someone thinks they can’t lead, or don’t want to lead, it’s because they’re afraid of their ability to manage and persuade. But leaders are as colorful and diverse as people, and the main difficulty lies not in whether you have to take responsibility or not, but how you get out of mediocrity and compulsion to truly master yourself.

Being a leader brings a lot of insight. Perhaps the key point and theme of the book is this: True leaders don’t care about proving themselves. Above all, they just want to be able to fully express themselves. Worrying about self-promotion represents a limited and rigid vision. Meanwhile, leaders, if they want to express themselves to the fullest, must always be proactive and creative. For Olsen leaders, life is not a competition but a dedication. A well-organized education and society often follows the stereotype of a leader: “What we need to know is less than what we are told to know.” True learning is the process of recalling what is important to you. Therefore, Become a “true” leader is to return to your true self every day.

“Leaders are not interested in proving themselves, but are interested in performing, challenging themselves.”

“What is true for leaders, regardless of the consequences, is true for each of us. Only when we know we are trained to be and we want to create it can we begin our lives – and we must do so despite our unconscious collusion. people and events against us”.

Leadership is a choice and the first thing is to lead yourself. True leader lead, not just survive, will nourish and ignite the true leader in you!

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