One Decision to Change Your Life

As Tony says, “The quality of my life is the quality of my habitual emotions.” Our habitual emotions are our emotional homes. It is the state of being where we are most comfortable. It’s what we are conditioned to return to. Most people’s lives don’t change because they haven’t changed their emotional home. They live in the same emotional homes that they once returned to during times of childhood trauma or devastating situations – they live in the emotional home that’s familiar to them rather than in one that’s empowering. It doesn’t matter what happens to us or what happens around us. If our emotional homes are anger, frustration, disappointment, pity or sadness, we will react to our environments and pressures negatively. Consider people who live in physical locations where storms and natural disasters always seem to happen. A hurricane or tornado comes and wipes out their homes and businesses. They rebuild and then in a year or so it happens again. The cycle continues. From the outside looking in, it is easy to ask “why don’t these people just move?” But they can’t. This place is their home. The same can be true for your emotional home: It’s easy to see self-destructive patterns in others but when you look internally, it can be hard to see past your emotional home – the place where you have been conditioned to return. It’s where you feel safe. But if you aren’t safe there, if this place is causing you harm, you need to do the work to move. If you want to live an extraordinary life, you need to make the decision to live in a beautiful state. You need to make the decision to do the work on your emotional home to turn it into an empowering place. Only when you change your emotional home to one of peace, joy, happiness and fulfillment will you start to build your extraordinary life. When you make the decision, it won’t matter what challenges are thrown your way or what happens around you. You will be able to return to that beautiful state.

Never Quit

We've all been through: we have a good idea, we create a good plan of action, we start to actually executing that plan but, something goes wrong... and we quit! Why? Because it's the easy thing to do? Because we don't want to face adversity? We don't want to feel rejection? Or be labelled as failures? Whatever the case might be, one thing is certain: by quitting we have a lot to lose and little to gain. Why is it important to never give up? Most things in life aren't achievable with only one try, so if you're constantly quitting you won't get far. You should never give up on life or quit your dreams no matter how hard the situation is, perseverance will make you strong and ready to face adversity. That's how winners are born and how battles are won, by keeping on going when the odds are against them and their team. On the other hand, if you quit, losing is always certain.