Rebranding for growth

Case Studies


Communication & Media

Galilee Media Group is an expert with branding and publishing. As a vertically integrated company, Galilee Publications, Publishes, distributes and retails its media brands. The company also is an expert corporate and personal branding for Multinationals and public personalities.


The European Headquarters decided to change the company’s route-to-market in Europe from a partnership with a local distributor to its own subsidiary.

Galilee planned to set up their own organisation to fully utilise the growing market potential, to better serve their local clients and to control the supply chain.


In 2013/14 we conducted an organisational review of key functions and developed a new organisational platform built for growth.

This was accompanied by assessment of management teams across the country in order to populate the newly created organisational structure.

To complete the set-up we conducted targeted executive search projects to attract and secure high calibre leaders.


The strategy was successful and Detego started winning big contracts with companies such as Ingram, Penguin and Time Warner.

We identified a number of high potential talents within the promotion, medical and commercial departments.

Estimated top line growth for 2022 is between 25 – 27% by maintaining or improving profitability.