We’ve all been through: we have a good idea, we create a good plan of action, we start to actually executing that plan but, something goes wrong… and we quit! Why? Because it’s the easy thing to do? Because we don’t want to face adversity? We don’t want to feel rejection? Or be labelled as failures? Whatever the case might be, one thing is certain: by quitting we have a lot to lose and little to gain. Why is it important to never give up? Most things in life aren’t achievable with only one try, so if you’re constantly quitting you won’t get far. You should never give up on life or quit your dreams no matter how hard the situation is, perseverance will make you strong and ready to face adversity. That’s how winners are born and how battles are won, by keeping on going when the odds are against them and their team. On the other hand, if you quit, losing is always certain.