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Investing, teaching,living creation

Olsen Inc. is a unique creative enterprise that integrates innovative media solutions on a global scale. Our team of creatives are experts in design, brand, production and marketing, and lots of other things that fall somewhere in-between. We create great work, but we also aim to create hope, opportunity and a better world. And with all that we do, we aim to create something that lasts and sometimes, when the stars are aligned, a project encompasses all of these things in one (that’s what we call ‘BAM’!).

John Olsen and Shakila Kalicharan are partners and creative directors of Olsen Inc. Their work on the interrelation between design and branding has brought forth the strategic design system – known as Olsen Inc., like their agency – which they implement to help their clients improve online and offline communication.


Strategic relations for key partnerships

With Olsen Inc., they have worked for small and major Dutch and global brands, bringing their strong interest in the strategic relations between design, communication, and marketing at the core of important professional opportunities – such as the projects carried out for Galilee Int., Holland Norway Line, Levi’s Strauss, GWK, Regional Government, KPMG, and COG World Wide.


Teaching and spreading Kingdom culture.

Believing in education and in spreading Kingdom culture, they have always taught classes and workshops in various schools and universities – including Lee University, ETS Kniebis, STL University (STLU), and COG.

Our life’s passion and mission is empowering a smarter and more caring purpose driven society by helping others discovering, defining and accomplishing their purpose in live.

It's not who you know, it's who knows YOU

Great leaders don't lead, They serve!

Leadership is not about controlling others, it's about making society thrive as a whole. Discover an inside out perspective on leadership and become the Leader You Were Born to Be!

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