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JS is our personal mission to enrich the world with video portraits featuring a wondrous person sharing their individual life-changing story. What began for us as a project to help tell the amazing stories of the people we were fortunate enough to be surrounded by, has now turned into an ever-growing series.

Artists, entrepreneurs, politicians, evangelists and regular people offer insight into their personalities, inspirations and what ultimately makes them tick.

About the creators

JS series is created at Galilee-studio by John & Shakila Olsen. We love challenging and motivating audiences with real-life stories and timeless principles. There are loads of ways to share a story. Technology allows people to obtain and share information faster and simpler than ever before, creating a point where the future is always within reach. We wanted to be part of this movement and shape it. 


Stories impact the way we live together and shapes entire cultures. We aimed to have equally precious real-life stories being told in a timeframe even the busiest people could digest. JS-stories are skillfully created to help you reach your significance and potential in life and stimulate the audience to live their lives with conscious and respect for one another’s mental and spiritual beings, making our world a nicer place to live in for generations to come.

ESTABLISHED IN 1969                                                   © JOHN & SHAKILA




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